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​Whether you are a home buyer who has the desire to know the condition of the property you are purchasing, or a seller having your property inspected prior to listing to determine its overall condition, we have you covered.  Our Comprehensive Inspection is intended to provide our clients with a better understanding of property conditions at the time of the inspection.  Peninsula Inspections specializes in home inspection in the Greater Miami area

Our home Inspector(s) will observe readily accessible installed systems and components of the home or commercial building and produce a complete report to the client which will describe components of the following systems:

-  Structure System                       

-  Exterior                                                                                                                  

-  Roofing 

-  Plumbing

-  Electrical

-  Central Air Conditioning

-  Heating

-  Household Appliances

-  Interiors  


-  Pools and Spas

-  Docks and Seawalls

-  Sprinkler Systems

-  Ancillary Buildings / Accessory Structures



​A four point inspection limits its focus on four systems of the home:


-  Electrical

-  Plumbing

-  Roof

Insurance companies are increasingly reluctant to issue policies on older homes (usually older than 25yrs).  They are requiring these four point house inspections because these are the systems within the home that tend to cost the insurance companies the most money when they fail.  Insurance companies want to know the current operating condition, scheduled maintenance requirements, and expected service life of these four systems of the home.


​Do you suspect the presence of mold in the home you are planning to purchase or sell?  Or maybe you suspect mold in the home you are living in!?  Let us provide you  with a thorough mold inspection to either confirm or deny.  We will perform a visual inspection throughout the home looking for evidence of mold; and if mold is in fact found in the home, we will send samples out for laboratory testing to determine its type and whether or not it is a health hazard you need to worry about.


In a Florida Wind Mitigation Inspection, we will inspect the following:

- Proof of roof age and material

- Types of "roof-to-wall" connections present

- Roof decking attachment

- Roof shape

- Types of opening protection (all windows, doors, skylights, garage doors)

After inspecting all of the above, a Form OIR-B1-1802 will be provided to present to your insurance company for appropriate credits earned from your "Windstorm Proof" home.

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